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phantom of the opera songs: a summary

  • prologue:

    flashback time noot noot

  • overture:


  • think of me:

    frick that shit's high

  • angel of music:

    stalkers make great music teachers

  • little lotte:

    throwback thursday

  • the mirror:

    who dis bitch think he is?

  • the phantom of the opera:

    in case you didn't know who the guy with the mask was

  • the music of the night:

    vibrattos you into loving me

  • prima donna:

    stop singing at the same time it's not dramatic it's confusing

  • all i ask of you:

    pls love me

  • all i ask of you (reprise):

    why don't you love me?

  • masquerade:

    obligatory group number

  • wishing you were somehow here again:

    i goofed up

  • don juan triumphant:

    opera for bad asses

  • past the point of no return:

    this is a euphemism for sex

  • down once more:

    yep totally a stalker

  • finale:

    gross sobbing

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